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About Us

The primary goal of the company is to design a solar net metering system for Uganda. According to the world bank sustainable energy for all, the percentage of Uganda’s population that has access to electricity stands at 26.7%. Thus, it implies that more than 70% of the population is off the national grid. Rural areas are most affected by lack of electricity supply due to challenges faced in managing electricity distribution.
Through solar net metering, we intend to have solar systems installed in rural communities in Uganda. The installation will come along with a net meter which can run backwards and forwards to give net excess energy that is generated and exported to the grid.
Janati Nakimera,
CEO & Co-Founder
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What we have Done at the Moment

The team at Solar net metering Uganda Ltd has visited the local communities outside of Kampala in areas where there is a grid connection to get more acquainted with the local area leaders and understand how the system would work once installed. The team has been doing a lot of research and reaching out to the people at the grassroot level to get their input on the type of product they would want to have.
Certified Services
We are certified by the National Gogernment of Uganda and IEEE
Great Staff
Our Team of Skilled Engineers work Hand in Hand to a Great Service
Our Technology is Much more Secure with Less Electrical Surges
Our Adequate Experience in Electricity is the key to Our Pride
Our Target
We mainly target the Rural Community for Our Services
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More Explanation on How the Intended Service of Solar Net Metering Works

Solar energy systems typically hit peak electricity production in the afternoon, when many people aren’t home using electricity. By contrast, home electricity use is typically higher in the mornings and evenings. Net metering helps you to account for these ups and downs in your day-to-day electricity production and usage. With net metering, excess electricity is fed into your electric utility’s grid when your system is producing more than you need. When this happens, your meter runs in reverse. When your system isn’t producing enough electricity, you can draw it from your utility just as you did before you went solar. This “back-and-forth” between your system and the grid ensures that your excess production will still be used, and your shortages will be met. With net metering, the excess electricity your home produces cover the times when you don’t produce enough.

Team Members

Our Skilled team members who Work in Unison and Togetherness to make sure our Service is Delivered. All three members have a background in the electrical engineering discipline.

Co-Founder and CEO